Cashier from hell...

Have you ever bought something from the pharmacy and have been SO embarrassed? I mean the kind of item that makes your palms sweat, your heart race? You walk past this item three or more times catching a glimpse and reading the box each time you pass. You pretend to look at the items beside it (something safe, usually Kleenex)all the while you are actually reading the box of this embarrassing item to make sure it is actually what you need. After standing there looking like a nerd for a few minutes, you realize you have been standing at that item for far too long, someone probably saw so you decide to make another aisle round.

You come back around to the item and do a "desperation grab". You throw the item into your cart and cover it with boxes of Kleenex (remember, they're safe). You tear away towards the cashier. You wait in line reading about Angelina and her 10,000 kids, not making any sort of eye contact because that is embarassing. This would be the worst time to start a conversation with somebody because they may be buying something embarrassing too.

Finally, you get to the cash. You pay, not with debit because that means awkward standing at the cash waiting for it to approve, no - never use debit on these items. You pay quickly, grab the bag (without making eye contact) and leave the store....


What if this one time the cashier decides to strike up a conversation. Imagine you are me and you are buying a big old box of GAS-X because your insides are literally making noise and feel like they are imploding. Now this wasn't just any conversation. I had bag in hand, turned to leave (without making eye contact- remember that, it's important!) and the cashier decided to yell after me...

"I hope this helps with your problem"

Mortified. Dumbfounded. Gassy. I was all of the above that day. I politely said thank you and bolted. In fact, I thought about it for days...I couldn't go back, but this is a major pharmacy chain and it just happens to be at my bus stop in the morning, so I decided eventually I would need to go back (you know, when I felt gassy again).

I went back many times (no...not just for GAS-X!!) and I didn't see Satan cashier from hell....until today.

I went in to buy contact solution (and got a really good sale). Lucky for me contact solution isn't nearly as embarrassing as Gas-X (or as some pointed out, not as embarrassing as something as Hemi cream or Pepto....). Still, I remembered the experience. My palms started to sweat. I looked for another cashier and then, like an answer from above, I noticed the girl behind me was buying Pepto Bismal. BINGO!!

I know this next part is going to be mean, but I was just I needed a good laugh. I stepped out of the line and mumbled something about forgetting to look at something. I let the girl go ahead! So I started "browsing the gift cards", the whole time listening to the cashier and this poor Pepto girl. Then it happened...

"Oh, are you sick??"

Tee hee...I knew it!! My experiment worked...this really is a cashier from hell. Srsly...are you allowed to comment on embarrassing purchases in a pharmacy?? Oh is that a blow-up hemi cushion you are buying...I hope it's comfortable. WTH!! I'm sure she's just trying to be nice and have a conversation but there are certain situations where you just don't try to make in a public washroom!

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