evilflu's Halloween Countdown 2008...

Halloween is always an exciting time of year around here for us. The whole autumn season just makes me happy less bitchy. The leaves, the cooler temperatures (but no snow!), the pumpkins, trips to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin pie, costumes, trick or treaters...it's just all very exciting and always has been for our family.

Stay tuned in the days leading up to Halloween for some pretty cool things I have planned. I hope to do a couple Halloween book reviews (we just read a couple awesome ones recently and I would love to share them with you guys!). I have to post about our trip to the pumpkin patch recently, I am hoping to share some cute Halloween recipes I found, costume ideas, scary movies...it's going to be fun (and it gives me something to blog about!!). So let's get this started...

Let's talk scary movies. I just love the Scream network around Halloween. All the best scary movies get played. I am a big fan of Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) movies and I'm sure you are dying to know why (no, not because Johnny Depp was in it - Jackie!). You see, I used to absolutely hate these movies. Freddy was a mean bully who killed people when they fell asleep...helpless!! I mean, people have to sleep? Kind of a cowardly thing to do, attacking people in their dreams really (sorry Freddy...don't kill me!). One night when I was sleeping on the floor at the end of my grandma's bed (yeah..I know) I swear I saw Freddy's shadow under her bed. I stayed up ALL NIGHT. I couldn't even shut my eyes. I remember watching the sun rise out her window because I was so scared...and I was probably 6 or 7 8 or 9 years old!! Watching those movies just scared the crap outta me!

To prove myself to my peers and sit through all 8500 of these Freddy movies, I came up with a game plan - be on Freddy's side. When Freddy is chasing somebody...I cheer him on! Go Freddy...that way if he ever did end up being real he wouldn't kill me because I was on his side...and I actually still use this strategy to get through many scary movies. I still have a hard time with Jason movies though...that guy is totally heartless.
So now that I'm older and I have a strategy when it comes to watching scary movies (which I still never do alone) they are easier to take. One thing I will not do after watching a scary movie is go right to bed because I definitely will dream of the scary monster people (or Freddy) and have a horrible sleep. I usually follow a scary movie with a comedy so I can get to sleep with no worries of Freddy coming to get me. Another thing I will never do after watching a scary movie is go outside. Nope, not gonna happen....EVERYTHING is scary outside at night. I got scared taking my garbage out last night because there was a full moon.
Movies that scare the pants off me still at my age are zombie movies. Usually these movies involve some sort of experiment gone completely wrong or some putrid gas floating through the air and infecting people. Anyways these movies are usually very gory and always have that "spook factor" where some kind of zombie will crash through a wall and eat an unsuspecting victim (usually one of the annoying ones in the group hiding out from the zombies). Recently I saw one of these zombie movies where birds were eating the zombies and zombie birds were created. Could you imagine??? Zombie movies scare my pants off and I will never ever watch them alone...ever. I hate zombies. I hate the music video for Thriller....I absolutely hate zombie movies...but I still watch them when I want to scare my pants off.
You know, I was thinking about this the other day and I seriously think movie writers should consider bringing back the old cheesy movie types. It just seems that all the scary movies these days are too "real". They are very gory, they are usually about psycho killers (which we all know could really happen - which makes them scarier) and they usually star characters who are just like you and I and crimes that sound all too familiar. I want Freddy back!

So what's your favourite scary movie? What scary movie do you think is the scariest? Which scary movie is the worst you have ever seen?

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