The reason why all teenagers should get a job at McDonalds...

I witnessed something at McDonald's tonight that was 1)Mostly comical 2) Pretty brilliant.

I was getting our ketchup and straws and bundle of napkins (because you know just one can never come out alone) and I noticed a group of three teenagers standing listening to another one dictate a few rules of the trade at good old McDonalds.

Trainer Teen was telling the newbies to spray the condiment counter...3 times and then make sure you fold the towel into a neat square before you start wiping. I mean, I wouldn't have taken much notice of them had they not have been all staring at me while I squirted ketchup all over their counter (hey...I was nervous!). I also had to notice the trainer teen and the way he taught these kids. He couldn't have been much older than them himself. The thing that got me though was how much he reminded me of the guy from As Good As It Gets.

It was to the point where the napkin *had* to be folded a certain way (and he did make them practice) and they had to spray the counter not 2...but 3 times...and he counted and made them practice. It was beyond hilarious. It was actually a little creepy. Either this twerp was power-trippin big time or he actually had OCD.

At first I felt sorry for these teens, but the more I thought about it, the more I was compelled. My brother (bless his you bro!) came here with the cleaning skills of a baboon. I swear, he wouldn't know how to wipe the counter (or spray 3 times) or even how to sweep the floor...but he is learning and even though I wouldn't trust him to scrub the oven out at this point, he has come a very long way. If he would have been shipped off to work at McDonalds with this guy training, I am almost certain he would put the Molly in the Maid. So, when he comes home, I am going to suggest he think about starting a new career at McDonalds where they will teach him to clean, and then he can come home and clean my counters with his neat little wash cloth and three sprays of cleaner.

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