The pirate chicken farmer...

So we went to the fair (again) on Sunday. We had some tickets left over that we had to use up...unfortunately the weather didn't really agree and we ended up spending most of our time there in the buildings.

One thing I always say when I go to the fair is that I will not go into the animal barn after the first day because the animals can get pretty stinky. Today was critical though, we were running out of things to do indoors pretty quickly so we made our way over to the stink house barn.

While in the barn we happened to come across the baby chick display. Now I love the baby chicks as much as the next gal and I would love to have one as a pet, as long as they stay cute and fuzzy and yellow...but I know these cute fuzzy creatures grow up into ugly poop monsters.

I also happened to notice that the owner of this particular chicken display had an eye patch on. Now I couldn't help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, one of his chickens grew tired of Mr. Chicken Farmer and decided to peck his right eye out. Now thinking of chickens pecking out people's eyes...or any kind of beak in eye motion scares the crap outta me which means we will not have any pet birds anytime soon.

My son, however, only sees the cute little fuzz ball. He doesn't see the poop, the angry eye peckers or the fact that he's allergic to feathers and the fact that my neighbours complain as soon as a weed pops up from the sidewalk at the side of my house, imagine the complaints if I had a chicken running around?

So what does he do? Well he asks the nice pirate chicken farmer if he can take a chicken home. I just kind of chuckled at the pure innocence of the question, until the farmer pirate said "You have to ask your mom!"and then looks over at me WAITING FOR A REPLY.

WTF man! What did I ever do to you? You NEVER say that to a 4 year old when it comes to bringing a cute fuzzy creature home! I thought you were nice for being so good with the kids and I only stared at the eye patch for like 30 seconds...that deserves at least an explanation of farm animals vs. city, don't you think?

So it took me a minute to compose a crafty answer. This had to be good, good enough to convince the child that I was not the bad guy here...maybe pirate chicken farmer wasn't so bad either, as much as oblivious to the fact that he just pretty much told the kid he could have a chicken. So I have my son looking at me with these big puppy dog eyes, and Old MacDonald waiting to hear what I had to say. I stumbled on some words and spat out "Uhhh...I don't think we are allowed to have chickens in the city". I did it, I played the law card, yeah me!!!

So Farmer Brown comes back with "Well, where do you live in the city?" Oh geez, kick me while I'm just getting up why don't ya? I ended up saying something about not having a chicken coop and pulled Mason outta that situation.

So in the end we got out of there chick-less. I have to admit, the farmer was a really nice person and I do wish him the best with his chickens, but he was just didn't get it! I'm sure chickens make very nice pets on a farm, maybe even in some homes...I don't know, but after the crab fiasco I'm really not open to getting any more strange pets.

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  1. Haha I love you nik too funny. From Jackie