The orphan...

Oh my heart...Remember my post about the baby chicks? Well remember how I said I would never get a new pet since the crab pinched me...or something along those lines anyway?

Yeah. Well. We have a new "pet". Let me rephrase that, I'm actually not going to call him/her a pet just yet because this pet is actually a found pet and unfortunately as of yet I have not been able to locate the owners.

It all started yesterday when "Nana" came over to visit and told us about a bunny rabbit that came right up to her on the way over. I didn't believe her, so we went for a walk to see if it was still there. Who doesn't want to see a baby bunny right?

Sure enough (and just with my luck) the bunny was still there. In fact, this bunny came right up to me to the point that I was able to pet it. When I tried to pick him up though he ran away. Now the bunny didn't pick the best of places to hang out because this place just so happened to be on a corner of two roads. This place also just happened to be in the path of a young German shepherd who proceeded to chase bunny and scare the little ball-shaped poops outta him.

We tried to coax the bunny out from under the bush to see if we could find his owners (it was so obvious he was a pet because of his friendliness and his markings...he has guinea pig markings!). It got dark pretty quickly, very cold and the mosquitoes were killers.

We gave up and went home. I thought of going back out later on but it was so cold and dark...I doubt anything would have been achieved other than catching a cold. I couldn't stop thinking of this poor little bunny though and how if he ran out from under the bush the wrong way he could get run over by a car or if that dog came back..and I couldn't stop thinking about him.

Nana called me today after work and said she went by the bus and bunny was still there and he came out to her again. I really wish he wouldn't have been there in that same spot because it worried me so much. So we got our "wabbit hunting" gear and off we went. Bunny was really nervous today but after a few minutes I was able to get him into the cage and took him home. I've been searching online to see if anybody has lost a bunny but no such luck. After speaking with some neighbours in the area they said he has been out there for months and they have tried but were never able to catch him.

So until further notice, Mr. Bunny (who will remain un-named for now) lives in my basement. He's a little skittish (who wouldn't be with us crazy people around) but I did have him come up to my lap and eat some food and drink some water. He ate SO much was incredible. Then he got a little angry when I tried to give him more and flung the food dish at me.

So much for my no more pet rule. I think secretly I kind of hope nobody claims him...and I know Mason is hoping for the same. I don't know if having a pet bunny is such a good idea, but he really is the sweetest little guy.

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