Let's talk Thursday nights...

Okay so picture it like this, some people have hockey season, some people have baseball season but I have Thursday Night TV season. Yes, it is my weakness. I could go for months without watching a television or even glancing twice at it (unless Rock of Love is on - yea) but when it comes to Thursday night shows returning, I'm right there like a dirty sock in a hockey bag. So if you're looking for me on a Thursday night, chances are you probably will find me in front of the TV with a bag o' chips in my Hello Kitty PJ's watching Survivor, ER or Grey's Anatomy...all three in a row! It is my weakness.

So I know I'm a little late reporting this but I wanted to give those who Tivo'd these shows the chance to catch up before I go blabbing on about what I thought. As a matter of fact I am one of those people because I have yet to watch Grey's Anatomy as my sister called and we got talking and I just didn't have the time to watch all three shows in the end so Grey's will have to wait.

ER -
OMG bawl fest 2008. Dr. Pratt was my new official favourite male doctor and now this? Come on!!! I'm really ready for this show to end (As much as it kills me to say that - but I am really excited to finish off my DVD collection for this show ha ha). I mean it was sad enough, but did they have to add the crap about the engagement ring in his pocket and then the fact that he was going to be offered the position of cheif of the ER?? Missed Luka lots, found it unbelievable that he didn't turn around and see what was happening when he (oh so obviously) heard the ambulance explode. Crap. I hate you ER people.

Oh how I love Survivor, not because I've been a fan since the first season, no way, I never really watched it until I started betting money on it! That sounds bad, but honestly, we have an office pool...one time I won (yea Todd!!) and it was good. Now I'm hooked. This season my $5 is on Marcus. Oh how the gods of luck must love me because my lucky pick just happened to be the most-liked dude on the show. I'm sure he's going to mess it up by being in an alliance with Charlie or Corrine but hey, he's still nice to look at. Speaking of Corrine, what was with the sweet little sales person voice and then when it was her "diary time" she turned in to the she-devil saying how she was going to laugh when people cried.

Here are a few more points I noticed while watching the show:
-Charlie: Hello? Todd Herzog called, he wants his looks and personality back.
-Michelle: Last one picked, oh how I remember those days too well.
-Umm, Olympic athlete girl? WTF!!!! How could you not get up that hill. I forgot, you shoes weigh 10 pounds (so she says). I hate it when my Nike runners weight 10 pounds...that happens all too often. Wait come to think of it, how the hell did you not get to the hill first if you are an olympic runner? I think the old lady was beating you at one point.
-Marcus: Oh so hot and doctor-y. Maybe he can replace Pratt on ER?
-Bob is flippin awesome but he needs to keep his shirt on, he looks like he's melting.
-Gillian is cute - but really old and says elephant dung way too many times for my liking. I mean, I like to talk about poop, it's my thing, but elephant dung is different...did you see that stuff? I mean, that's great it burns really well and all but picking up a pile of crap as big as your head is so not cool these days.
-What's with the girls and the knee-high socks thing? Is this a new trend?
-Michelle is the dumbest player ever. "I can't pretend to like people" Then why did you go on Survivor? I hate to break it to her, but that's the game!!! You played bad - goodbye.
-Why does everyone at tribal counsel look like they are about to burst into tears?
-Does Dan not know what a "Sandy Crater" is? Law school, smaw school...he doesn't know elephant dung!
-A lawyer whose nature is not to lie...interesting!
-I would have hated to be the one voted out before the old annoying lady. That must have sucked.

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