Tuesday Toot...

So I wanted to have this Tuesday Toot as something major....something like:

  • Today I learned how to knit
  • Today I cleaned the entire house and managed to declutter everything
  • Today I taught Mason how to speak a new language
  • Today I finally found someone to watch Mason before/after daycare (keep dreamin!)

When really all I did today was made arrangements for a new daycare for Mason. So it's not official as of yet, but we do have the information and we are going on a tour. So it doesn't sound like a huge thing right? I'm so terrified though! Mason has been in the same centre since he was just over 12 months old. He started on January 31, 2005 (don't ask me how I remember that!).

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  1. I hope all goes well with your tour and that everything works out. Thanks for playing along with us this week.


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