T-ball pictures...

Mason's t-ball pictures turned out horrible. I just knew they would though, who was I kidding and what was I thinking by ordering $42 worth of pictures without seeing as much as a proof first.

The photographer they sent was very inexperienced (not that there was anything wrong with that) but she really didn't seem too interested in getting *that* shot that someone is going to want to buy. I figure they knew they already had the money so it was more of a you paid, now I do my part sort of deal.

Not only that, I noticed she only took one shot of each kid. Now I understand you have to get through a whole team of little leaguers BUT taking one shot of my kid and having it actually turn out (you know, without a finger up the nose, a booger hanging out, a tongue sticking out, flipping the bird etc etc...) on the first try just ain't happening! I could have told her that, and I should have!

So after taking 161 shots, and having my brother assist by holding the reflector while telling Mason to pose 5 billion different ways...I came up with this (finally!). I'm not completely satisfied with the picture, I mean it's 100 times better than the package I ended up getting from the "professional". This will be the one though. I can't believe I did it on my own! It only took 161 shots...but still ON MY OWN!!!

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