Strange weather!!

We've had strange weather all weekend. Sunny, then raining, then storming then sunny again. Makes for some great photo opportunities! Kids love it when you say "Go jump in that puddle over there, okay?"

We had a pretty fun weekend though, even though the weather was wacky! Saturday we went to the Aylmer fair. I forgot sunblock (I know...I'm EVIL!) so I got a mega-burn which I didn't think was so bad until I got home. Mason didn't burn (so lucky!) but he was pretty well covered anyway so he was okay. I will never ever forget sunblock again...I swear!

We left the fair and the rain started coming down like crazy and it seemed to follow us all the way back to London where it then rained for the whole rest of the day. My mom came that night to visit and the next morning we went out to the flea market and for McDonald's breakfast and to get groceries etc. She brought Mason so many toys though and after the headphone incident (oops which I forgot to blog about!) I was a little annoyed with all the new toys but when I saw he got the old 80's-style weeble people and Playmobil people I couldn't contain my excitement...I love those things!! She also brought him a Spiderman scooter and a 2-wheeler bike.

So after she left today (and during one of the sunny patches) Mason decided he wanted to ride his new bike. I don't think he realized what he was in for because when he took off he had NO FEAR at all. I really don't know how to teach a kid to ride a 2 wheeler though. I'm pretty sure that holding on to him under his arms and yanking him off the bike when he loses control really wasn't that fact I think I pulled my elbow out doing that because it hurts a lot now. We gave up on the two-wheeler for today until my elbow heals and I get some tips on teaching a kid to ride a two-wheeler.

Now I've gotta go find a place to put all these new toys :/

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