Saturday, 16 August 2008

A lesson in strangers...

Mason was offered a half eaten bag of chips on the bus tonight. Of course he excitedly accepted and was just about to eat them when I stopped him and told him to wait until after dinner (aka - NEVER!).

First of all I was a little pissed that some random person would just offer a kid food like that?? I mean he didn't even bother to ask me! It totally just gave me a bad vibe. Not only that, what if Mason was allergic to chips?

So after the stranger weirdo got off the bus I started the lecture on strangers. After warning Mason about strangers and that they will steal you and shove bamboo under your fingernails because they are bad I felt a little better and thought he understood.

Later at the bus stop on the way home Mason saw a man coming towards us and yelled out "LOOK MOM A STRANGER!!" He then says hi to the stranger and turns to me and says "see, he's a happy stranger!". Oh boy...he just doesn't get it.

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