The headphone incident...

Not to brag or anything, but Mason has always been a good kid. You know how some kids constantly get into things and just like to break them or like to make a mess, Mason has never really been *that* kid.

I mean he has had little incidents, but they are rare and far between. Every kid has incidents right? These incidents tend to not be as cute anymore though when they happen to be the headphones for your brand new iPhone. The same headphones that cost $40 to replace.

It is also not cute when you realize that your child has actually chewed the headphones like some sort of hungry, rabid animal. My first reaction was OMG what is that? Then I thought what did my brother do to his iPhone headphones. After I looked over and saw his headphones I then thought that they might be my old iPod headphones...nope. There they were completely chewed!

Left right out in the open as to say....look what I did, what are you gonna do about it?

Wanna know what mama did about it? Mama decided this was unacceptable. Totally unacceptable behaviour and Mama didn't want this sort of thing to happen again so do you wanna know what Mama did? Mama gave him a stern talking to about respecting other people's belongings. When Mama realized son still didn't get it...even after the stern talk, Mama asked him what he liked (which totally reminded me of this scene!!!)and when he didn't answer Mama broke his mp3 player.

So maybe I didn't handle it the best way because now I am out $40 for the headphones plus the $10 for his mp3 player. I meant to replace his mp3 player anyway because it wasn't working right. I gotta say though I don't think he will be chewing up anything else anytime soon.

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