Customer service on holidays...

My take on this is I guess they let all the people who are any good at dealing with people take the day off on holidays. I had a very strange customer service experience today that I am still confused about! I have all my services on one bill (cell phone, home phone, internet, cable)with a major company and I called today to possibly get rid of my home phone and possibly sign up for a service called home zone where your cell phone will actually act as your home phone when you are home through a wireless router. Pretty cool huh? It also turns out to be way cheaper. My problem was I didn't know much about the technicalities of it though so I had a few questions as to how it worked....well actually I didn't know anything about it until I read up on it myself after this strange customer service situation....

Me: Hi, I would just like to know about your home zone service.
Rep: Uhhhh....Ok.
Me: Yeah, I'm thinking of getting rid of my home phone so I just wanted to know a bit more about the service and how it works and if it works with the iPhone...
Rep: did you want to know?
[this is where a normal rep possibly would have read off their little cue cards to try and sell me on me old fashioned but sometimes I just like to be sold on things]
Me: Well I just want to know how it works and what it is really.
Rep: So you want to sign up for it?
Me: [steaming by this point. Usually I'm pleasant as pie on the phone to reps because my sister is one and I know the crap she puts up with from crazies people like me] No, I just need a little more information first.
Rep: So what then?
Me: [here it comes...] FORGET IT. I'LL *BEEP* CALL BACK LATER THEN.

I'm sure the guy was just in a bad mood that he had to work today, possibly he had just smoked a big fat joint...I really don't know what his problem was but the tone in his voice really irritated me the way he kept saying UHHHH like I was the stupid one. I lost it on the guy. I absolutely lost it and swore at him like I used to do to the Bell Sympatico Internet people on a weekly basis. I bet they have a red flag and a note in my file now saying I'm a crazy beast and not to say UHHH around me. Part of me hopes someone was listening and that guy gets in trouble for being so dumb. Worst part of it...I didn't save any money and I still don't really know how the friggin service works!

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