Criminal Activity?

I had made arrangements to buy one Ryan Adams/Oasis ticket from somebody on and today was the date we set to pick it up. So an hour before I was to meet this person, I was in the shower and my mind started wandering...

What if this person is actually an undercover police officer and what if buying a concert ticket is illegal and he takes me to jail and keeps all my money and my concert ticket? That thought quickly left my mind though. If it were illegal to buy a concert ticket online from somebody, why do people do it so openly on classified ads? It was going to be fine...

Then I thought what if this seller poses as an undercover police officer when really he is not and he then takes my money and the concert ticket and stalks away into a dark alley somewhere. I even went as far as to practicing my dialogue and what I would say in this case. I thik I was going to ask him to call for back-up (I'm strange!).

I finally just faced my fear and went ahead with the arrangement. We were to meet in front of the venue and I was so worried I wouldn't recognize the seller. We had failed to mention what we would be wearing etc. So I decided rather than look awkward I would just take pictures of Mason in front of the ghetto fountain with empty $1.27 Listerine bottles floating in it...

I started to get more and more paranoid with each police car that passed this point I'm still not even sure if it is illegal to buy a concert ticket from an online classified ad (that's how I abiding!). So as we are taking pictures and ducking from the police, I see him.

He was walking towards us quickly with ticket waving out in the open. I was getting more and more nervous, especially with that ticket waving out in the open. The transaction happened so quickly and I didn't want to make chit chat, but I did want to know why he was selling one ticket only! Turns out he just had an extra ticket and he is going to the show too...see we're not criminals!! Phew.

But the best part of the story is.... I GET TO SEE RYAN ADAMS and I will only be 7 rows away! Gee...I hope there's no mosh pit...I think I'm getting a little too old for that stuff!!

***Disclaimer: If buying a ticket online is in fact illegal...I am very sorry and I will never do it again but I was desperate!

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