So, I'm pretty much cool now...

I've been rockin this iPhone G3 since last Friday. In case you are wondering, my brother was the first person in line and I received the very first iPhone. The whole process was maddening though because it took a few hours for it to get through the server at Rogers before I could even sign the contract (which I had to get into a new!!). I walked out of there..with a phone that didn't even work because I was in such a hurry to get back to my job.

But the nightmare all turned out well in the end. I've been enjoying people drooling over my phone all's very rare I get a new toy that makes other people drool. I even think the guy in The Source peed a little when I showed it to him (I was looking for a case...not showing off I swear!!). I'm loving all this technology at the touch of a finger. I've discovered that I can blog from places I've never even dreamed of (note: these have not all been tested)
-Blog from my bed
-Blog from my front porch
-Blog from my back patio
-Blog from the park
-Blog from the bus
-Blog from the toilet (yes...sad but true)
-Blog from the work bathroom (with a gas mask on)
-Blog from a boat
-Blog from a foreign island somewhere with volcanoes
-Blog from a car

...okay you get the idea! I swear I have been technologicallly deprived all these years because having all this stuff with me wherever I go just makes sense. Now when I see the butt crack on the bus I can take a pic and share it with you guys instantly rather than describe it (they say a picture is worth 1000 words right).

Although it's been great and I've really enjoyed everything about my shiny new little "assistant", I am beginning to wonder if it might be a little too much technology for me. First of all I was a little cheesed because when I plugged my old iPod headphones in my iPhone they were so crackly...I was so disappointed. I told my brother what happened and he called me stupid and said they were not compatible (Well...duh?? How the hell was I supposed to know that!?). Apparently the new headphones have a little clicky thing and a microphone so you can answer a call while listening to your music...brilliant. This little device put me in a pretty awkward situation the other day.

I was sitting on a bench waiting for a bus rockin' it to Ryan Adams when my phone rang. I did my little clicky thing and said hello. Unfortunately for me, it was a call from work and at that very moment when I did the little clicky and said hello a crazy was walking by, we shall refer to her as Psychella from now on. Here is how my phone conversation went:

Me: Hello?
Phone call: left me a message about...
Psychella: HI
Me: ~listening to caller~
Psychella: HELLO WHAT?....WHAT???....HELLO??
Me: (getting agitated, doing the shoo motion with my hand to psychella)
Psychella: HEY? WHAT?...HELLO WHAT??
Me: I'm on the you mind???????
Psychella's bf: Come on, she's on the phone...

With that Psychella stormed off. I can see how she got confused that I may have been talking to her. After I motioned the go away sign you think she would have gotten the hint? Perhaps even me telling her that I was on the phone might have clued her in? Nope she stood there staring at me like a crazed lunatic. It wasn't until her boyfriend told her I was talking on the phone when she turned and left. Yikes!

If it wasn't such an important call I would have asked the caller to hold a second while I told her I was on the phone but I was trying to listen to the instructions and psychella was just so...irritating!!

I have learned not use the clicky button in public anymore. Awww...I really liked the clicky button too :(

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  1. meh...never said the photo quality was the greatest...that is so painful for me to look at (but at least it's convenient!!).

    I just had to take the super-cool iPhone pic everyone is taking...including my bro...yikes!!