Slip and slide!!

Tell me, who in their right mind can't have fun on a slip and slide? Luckily for Mason they just happened to go on clearance at Zellers this past weekend and we got a pretty awesome accident waiting to happen outdoor activity for $5.98!

I think I was more excited than he was...until I saw the disclaimer they added to the packaging. You must weigh less then 110 pounds and not be over 5 feet tall. Since I don't quite match that profile my mind started to race to all the times I've seen drunken adults fling themselves down these things and end up with some major I passed and flung Mason down it instead!

He had so much fun he pooped his pants (I only wish I was kidding - sorry Mason). Anybody who weighs less than 110 pounds (how do they measure that someone has to weigh that much anyway? Did they test someone who weighed 115 and realized that was too much so they rounded it down to 110?), is less than 5 feet tall, wants to have crazy fun, possibly break a bone, maybe see some blood, and then afterwards poop their pants...come on over!!!

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