My To Do List....

The To-Do list of a you have it!
(not in order of importance by any means!)

1. Take another photography class
2. Find a new place to store the towels
3. Get a chest for the end of my bed (maybe to store the towels!)
4. Get a flash for my camera - Done July 7, 2008
5. Get passports for Mason and me
6. Take driver's ed classes
7. Paint my bedroom
8. Buy a bathroom scale
9. Lose 10 pounds
10. Lose 20 pounds
11. Organize garage (don't know when this will happen...too scared of spiders!
12. Have a yard sale
13. Finish my favourite blogs list Procrastinator...I am not!
14. Start Avon business - Done July 7, 2008
15. Have friends over on a Saturday to hang in the backyard
16. Find out where the bees are coming from in the backyard
17. Label all my posts (ohhh mannnnnnnn)
18. New curtain rod in dining room
19. New curtain rod in Mason's room
20. Clean/organize spare room
21. Get a desk for the spare room
22. Organize my office
23. Update my daycare information (oops...been a while!)
24. Re-arrange photos in the My Pictures folder had to format HD...does that count?? Now I have 0 pictures in the My Pictures folder!
25. Back-up photos on external HD
26. Print photos up until current date.

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