Me vs. The Clothesline

Today we spent a lot of time outside fixing up some "problem areas" in the backyard. First of all I wanted to put up my clothesline. It's one of those old fashion "umbrella" type is a "quotation-y" post ha ha ha!! Normally this would be an easy task. You just have to go to the hardware store and spend $24.99 for the little metal piece that goes into the ground. Do I like to spend $24.99 on a stupid piece of metal that goes into the ground?? Hell no!!! I'm too cheap! So I do what any good bargain hunter does...I improvise (which was also a pet peeve of mine growing up since my mom usually "improvised" which one year led me to having nylons on my head spray painted green to look like a martian for Halloween.).

This project has been a long time in plan but today a little light bulb (a very small one) went off in my head and I decided to put this big heavy monster clothesline in an pail and fill the pail with bricks to hold it in place. Good plan or what?? Now my first thought was to pour cement into the pail but I didn't have time to watch cement dry...I had clothes to hang!!

So the first task was to untangle the weave of lines which took a good portion of an hour or so. The next task was to get my fingers and my flabby arm caught in the pinchy arms. Then I had to call in my brother to hold it while I put the bricks into the bucket. We soon discovered that the ground was not even enough plus it was uglier than all heck so we decided to move it to the side of the house.

To make a long story short, we ended up tying it to my back steps 3 times (which actually lead to a door that looks like a door but is not really a blows my mind...a whole blog post of its own!). Now I am just waiting for my neighbours to complain about the ugliness that is this clothesline. Yaay for being environmental and stuff!!

Mason woke up crabby from his nap but soon came out and played basketball in the driveway, darted out on the road after his ball went out there (heart attack) and went crazy with the sidewalk chalk and showed me how to play hopscotch again. I love weekends!

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