The bus ride to the grocery store is always long and boring and I often find my mind wandering to many things on these trips. My iPod helps, but it is only a temporary fix before I find my mind wandering. I think some pretty crazy things sometimes, and some mean things sometimes too.

Say for instance yesterday, during this boring trip I saw a ladybug walking across the back of the seat in front of us. My first thought was A) I hope Mason doesn't see it
B) I wonder if it will climb into that lady's hair - it was getting pretty close! C) Yikes! I hope there isn't one on the back of my seat trying to climb into my hair (this is followed by 10 minutes of shifting in my seat all while trying to look over my shoulder to make sure there were no lady bugs near me).

After a while, in the moments where a normal person would have shooed this lady bug away from the innocent lady's hair, I started to feel sorry for the little insect. I figured she/he (let's not stereotype the ladybugs!) could use a lift outside. He/she was probably trapped on the bus. I was thinking of ways I could scoop the little ladybug up and shove him out an open window somewhere without looking like a total fool when I heard....MOM LOOK!!! It was too late.

Mason mauled that poor ladybug for the rest of the trip. First he tried to get it on his finger which in turn led to the ladybug falling to the ground and getting a nice little smoosh between the pudgy fingers to be picked up again. Then it was *poke* look he has white eyes *poke* he's not moving *poke* he loves me. Once that little bug was on his finger I just knew we had ourselves another pet.

When the long boring journey was over and we arrived at the grocery store it started to pour rain (just my luck right?). I was rushing to get inside but Mason took his time. He took each step so carefully and held his little hand over the ladybug like an umbrella. I had to convince him to leave his new pet outside because I really think ladybugs in grocery stores are something that are frowned upon in this day and age. Of course when we came back the ladybug was gone and he was upset and although it is sad because he was so in love with that little insect, I am so happy we didn't have to take the ladybug home and happier one didn't go in my hair!

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  1. ROFL! Kids eh? I let Thomas wash his easel on the back deck and that was so thrilling, he's been taking EVERYTHING out there and washing it. Oy.

  2. LOL Oh how I wish Mason would find joy out of washing things...he just likes making messes...and collecting insects...blahhhh