Thursday, 31 July 2008

I stink as a photographer!

Mason's t-ball pictures were returned...looking like total crap! I just knew they were going to be all started with the photographer's attitude and the way she handled all the children...pitiful.

I ended up returning them and getting a refund (which was surprisingly easy - I was calling ready to argue and the lady just sounded defeated and asked who to write the cheque to).

So Mason was without baseball pictures, can't have that right? So I decided to do my own little photo shoot in the backyard. Keep in mind we do not have any pets that go in our yard, and we especially don't have a dog. So I'm kneeling on the ground to get down to Mason's level and I'm thinking peee-u what smells? I think you see where this is going?

Yep. I kneeled in a fresh pile of dog shit. A steaming pile of poo in my completely fenced-in backyard. I'm surprised I didn't lose it....I just calmly got up and went inside and changed my pants....I can laugh about it now but I think I was a little in shock when it happened! let's rub a little salt in the wound shall we? I LOST THE PICTURES I TOOK!!! I got a nasty computer virus...totally my fault too...and when I backed my pictures up I must have forgotten those ones :(

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