"I have TWO play rooms!"

Something caught my attention the other day in a conversation that Mason was having with a kid at daycare. He was asking if the kid wanted to come to his house (oh no!) and then with much enthusiasm said "I HAVE TWO PLAY ROOMS!!".

I thought for a minute, how does he have two play rooms? He has a bedroom and a play room? Then it dawned on me...the bedroom has so many toys in it and the play room sits for weeks(completely trashed as usual) with nobody playing in it.

I think this has to change!! It all started when my brother (who has his room downstairs beside the play room) told Mason that there was a monster in the play room. He rarely goes down there now unless he has a little friend over or if he REALLY wants to play with those Little People.

When I noticed he stopped going down there, I moved the train table upstairs. It took up a lot of room in his bedroom but it was the only way it would get played with. Then slowly and one-by-one all of his toys started coming upstairs.

I went downstairs to start organizing for my yard sale and the room hardly has any toys at all and his bedroom is overflowing with toys!!! I'm here pulling my hair out over this, I don't know how to keep upstairs toys and downstairs toys separate.

I think I will start with the train table. It takes up so much room in his bedroom and the toy room looks bare without it so back downstairs it goes (the poor thing has been moved 4 times since we bought it!). I just bought a kiddie basketball net on Friday ($18.99 at Wal-Mart - great deal!) that can go downstairs too.

How do you keep your toys organized without stepping on Hot Wheels and tripping over Lightning McQueen?

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