Heard from the bathtub...

Mason: Mom!! I've got marbles in my dee-dee [dee-dee is his cutesy name he calls his boy parts].

So of course right away I jump to conclusions! He has cancer or he was bitten by a brown recluse spider. Upon further investigation I could see that he was holding onto his testicles (I'm sooo blushing right now even typing that!) and saying there were marbles in there.

I stammered out the first answer I could come up with...those are not marbles. I thought that was a satisfactory answer for a boy of his age. Until he asked me what they were. I had horrible visions of him going to school talking about testicles to all the other kids. Not only that, if I told him what testicles were, would I have to go into detail about what the other parts were? Do I even *KNOW* what the other parts are? At that point I knew puberty is going to be a rough time in this household.

After thinking about it for a bit and thinking of the proper thing to say to my very curious 4-year-old, I decided the best answer was....

Just be quiet and wash your marbles

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