Hasta la VISTA WIndows XP :(

I'm so angry at myself. I downloaded something bad...something I shouldn't have... (no, not porn for everybody who still doesn't believe me after the Pee Wee post) but it was bad and unfortunately I picked up a virus....a bad one. A trojan horse which made my Norton Antivirus shake it's finger at me and say SHAME ON YOU over and over again...okay it didn't really say that but it kept popping up saying something about it blocking infostealer for me every 5 minutes.

So what did I do you ask? Well I said about 5 billion curse words, bit the head off everybody in my family and threw things at them until I couldn't throw no more. Once my tantrum was over I simply (okay not so simply) had to turn to VISTA *shudders*. I've heard nothing but bad but the problem was I could not get rid of the virus, my computer did not come with a Windows XP disk when I bought it (XP was pre-loaded and they sent me the Vista disk when it was released) and I had nowhere else to turn...so Vista it is.

I gotta say though...the girly half of me is really giddy about it. It has all these cool widgets on the side...In fact, I'm typing this post from one right now (ooh aren't ya all jealous). The only downside right now...apparently my keyboard is NOT compatible so it keeps switching to French Canadian mode which in turn makes all my letters look like this: çèàè.

So I learned my lesson. I vow to never download anything that could get me into any kind of trouble what so ever.

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