Our little weekend getaway went pretty well...I honestly thought it was going to be a disaster!
Mason came down with a case of diarrhea/vomiting on Friday morning. Lucky me got to pick him up from daycare, dropped him back off at home with my brother and had to go back to work to make sure things were finished up before my little trip.

Mason seemed to be fine after spending the day resting messing up my house. We left and only had to stop once because he had to poop "real bad"..which turned out he didn't have to poop at all..and he planned it pretty well because the next place to stop happened to be an ice cream store in the middle of nowhere...go figure.

Saturday we went to Wonderland. We had to stop one time on the way to Wonderland for Mason to pee...and apparently vomit. Which was lovely. I was a little nervous to let him go on the rides...but his excitement level peaked and I knew he would be okay so he went on all the big scary rides that his little body was tall enough for! He was actually tall enough to ride the Ghoster Coaster and the Thunder Run this year which was pretty exciting for both of us. Unfortunately he got injured on both of those rides. The Ghoster Coaster incident happened when he smacked his lips off the safety bar and on Thunder Run when mommy pulled the safety bar down right on his nose!

Sunday we said happy birthday to Hayden and Mason was very excited to learn that she got some "tickets" in her birthday cards...

So it was a good little getaway. We came home on Canada Day just in time to celebrate some fireworks. The next day Mama caught the stomach bug that Mason had and lost 5 billion pounds and is finally starting to feel better.

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