David Duchovny, Why don't you love me?

Okay so as much as it KILLS me to say I didn't really heart the x-files movie - alas it is true. I did not heart the x-files movie. It wasn't terrible...I could never say that, but it was a little disappointing.
In 1998 I would have wrote in my Hello Kitty journal about how excited I was to see below David Duchovny's belly button...BELOW PEOPLE!!! I am a grown up now. It didn't even phase me to see his almost nudiness (probably because he's not a very shy actor!). I am so over him...I'm going to write that in my Hello Kitty journal right now!

To tell the truth (which is out there...haha I joke!) it just wasn't x-files-y enough for me. Where were the aliens? The cigarette smoking man? Krycheck? Not even one UFO? The black foggy eye people? Oh and those two other people who were in the later seasons that I didn't even bother to watch....what were their names? Oh well who cares about them anyway...the one guy was from Terminator 2...he creeps me.
Of course while I was walking home alone from the theater (yes I went alone to see the X-files movie. Call me a nerd all you want but I did. Just don't call me Pee Wee Herman. I would never pull a Pee Wee in a movie theatre that I practically grew up in! - OMG pull a PEE WEE!!! I so made that up!!).

Anyway back to walking home...so I'm walking home past all the drunks and crazy lesbians (it's gay pride weekend here...those lesbians love me I tell ya!) and of course I see what I believe was a UFO...hovering over my house. Of course it was hovering over my house because it is waiting for me to get home so it can abduct me and put metal in my head and stuff. Okay so it was a star...but it was a pretty convincing UFO for a while there. It was really really bright, it didn't move and it was the only star out...[play X-files theme music here].

So the movie was predictable (which is so not even cool for a sci-fi movie!), even though the drunken uber x-philies next to me seemed to be shocked by every revelation made in the entire 2-hr movie, it just didn't do it for me. It also left a lot of questions unanswered (do I smell sequel?). Of course I loved seeing David Duchovny on the big screen again....his wrinkles and all..he is still my favouritest hunk.

One thing that really threw me for a loop was the fact that people are STILL lining up to see Batman?? WTH people? That was SO last week *rolls eyes*

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