Rinse Cup Review...

It is remarkable!! I have few words to describe a cup with a floppy side so the water/soap doesn't go in the kids words but I can sum it up to brilliant!!

I bought this item thinking it was just another gimmick out there but I was desperate to try anything because lately bath time in our house has become a war...a long, drawn out war with screaming and crying (from me mostly) and a little boy who did not like to get his face wet.

Let me tell you, this thing works perfectly...I don't know the science behind it since it is just a cup with a floppy side to it and inside it is separated into two compartments...maybe that is part of the trick? I don't know...I don't ask when it works!

Bath time is no longer a struggle for us! I found this product on Amazon if you are interested in taking a closer look and reading some more reviews. Best 8 bucks I have spent in a long time....I mean that!

Check out the happy model (who I did not wake up to take this picture...he was still awake!!)

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