Photographer syndrome?

I do not call myself a photographer by any means but I do admit that I have been doing a lot of research on photography lately via books, manuals and online forums. One thing I have noticed is that I am so critical of pictures now.

I just caught myself browsing through a mommy message board with an area set out for "snapshots" and here I was tearing apart each picture in my head. I mean a lot of them were so blurry and yucky and were apparently the parent's "favourite pics" and it made me sad! I throw out so many pictures that I absolutely love of Mason because they are blurry or the shadows around his eyes are too bad. I could learn more Photoshop or I could just move on to the next picture. I think I should stop processing my images so much and let them be the way they were taken and try to not be so critical of "snapshots".

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