An "Instant Fun" FYI

Storing your inflatable pool under the lawnmower all winter is in fact, not a good idea. I would love to be able to say, oh my son has a really awesome inflatable pool. I got it on the clearance rack in the middle of last summer for $5 and it is awesome...but I can't. So now we are pool-less, which really isn't cool at all.

I guess it all started when I came on here bragging about how I blew up the pool and we filled it up, the next morning half the pool was on the ground and the water was pouring over like a waterfall. To make matters worse, I can't find the hole anywhere! There is a bulging part on it though and a patch can't fix that so unfortunately the pool has to go. I am definitely going to try to freecycle it to see if anybody wants to attempt to fix it, but it is pretty doubtful at this point.

So then I decided Mason needs a new pool...a non-inflatable pool. I went to Canadian Tire and got him a new non-inflatable pool.

Now the web site ( says "Just unfold and fill for instant fun". Now I don't know what their idea of instant fun is but to me instant fun is not:

  • Unfolding the smelly plastic pool and then fighting the smelly pool as it wraps around you like a boa constrictor (only a big plastic smelly one)
  • Finding the instructions that say "you will need the assistance of 3 people to fill the pool" when it is just Mason and I available
  • Trying to fill a pool where the sides keep collapsing
  • Cursing many curse words, many of which had not been used in years (all under my breath of course-- okay once out loud)
  • Giving up not once but twice trying to fill the pool wasting water thus watching the water bill in my mind go up - makes mama even angrier
  • Throwing the now crumpled up pool across the patio all the while mud flings all over my face and neck
  • Kicking the pool and then lovingly setting it upside down so it can dry and mama can roll it back up to bring to the store.
  • Trying to figure out how mama is gonna fold this pool small enough to go back in the box we bought it in
This is not instant fun. Just an FYI...
Anybody got any good pool suggestions? At this point I'm about ready to fill up the Rubbermaid bucket in the garage and let him go to town in that ;)

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