I miss you...now leave.

That is how I feel lately. I miss everyone sooo much but then when I get around people (any people, I hope nobody takes offense to this...) I just want to go to bed and be alone. For instance, right now Mason is sleeping but I so want to wake him up and play hide and seek or something because we didn't spend much time together this weekend and now it's Sunday night and it feels like I won't see him again until next weekend.

Decisions... Decisions have been driving me crazy lately. Should I do this? Should I do that? Where should we be? Where should we go? Who do I associate with? Who do I stay away from? Do I miss this person? Does this person miss us? Being indecisive drives me crazy...especially because I never end up with what I really want. I vow now to be more decisive in life. Do what you think is right...right? I guess all I can do is just make sure this little guy grows up to be a really cool dude. I still don't even know how I am going to pull this off all on my own, but I'm sure we'll be okay.

We had a major storm here today. It knocked out our power for about 2 hours which was real fun when I had to answer Mason's questions such as "Why doesn't this light work?" and the oh so popular "Why doesn't this light work either?" I think he was scared...I was brave. I had my plans all worked out in case a tornado came...oh actually I just thought of a better one...better go write that down.

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