The day I met Batman and Catwoman...

Today I met Batman (Adam West) and Catwoman (Julie Newmar). There I stood in the hot blaring sun for 2 hours to meet Batman. My intentions were to have pictures taken with Batman "punching" me in the face so I could add one of those "POW" bubbles onto it in Photoshop...alas Mr. West was a little pics. I got 2 photos autographed for Mason though.

Catwoman was really charming though. Figures eh...the bad guys are always open for conversation...or maybe that's just my personality! ;)

Since I wasn't able to get my "POW" picture...I decided to use my paparazzi moves and sneak in a few little pics while they were in their cars

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  1. By the way...I think my steal paparazzi moves kind of scared poor Catwoman...she looks a little shocked :O