T-ball or football?

So we had t-ball practice on Thursday which Mason really enjoyed. The whole time the kids were running around like maniacs I just kept thinking to myself, I am so glad I am not the coach...whoever got me out of that deal I could kiss you!

These kids didn't know a thing about playing t-ball. I mean, I don't know much either but I'm pretty sure it's not in the rule book that you tackle the poor little kid who happens to catch the ball. It was actually pretty funny...kid would catch the ball, wait for it...then a whole pile of kids would pounce on him or her. My kid was a little slow to catch on to this and somehow would always end up on the top of the pile (Woo! Way to go!!). They have 2 real games this week which is scary! I'm definitely bringing a video camera to catch some America's Funniest Home Videos clips

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