The swimming situation...

I used to be a very patient and tolerant person...used to being the key phrase here. I have Mason in swimming lessons once a week. We go on Tuesdays at 5:30. So Tuesday is my crazy day. I leave work, pick up Mason and head over to the pool (always rushing in at 5:20). It's exhausting and sometimes I just want to say forget it and not even go...but then I get that know the cute puppy look?

So we started a new class last week. I was a little peeved because there were two kids who did not want to get into the pool and the instructor spent 20 minutes of the 30 minute class trying to coax these kids into the pool. Okay, I was more than a little peeved....I was exhausted, and crabby but I let it go and figured it was just first class jitters.

Imagine the look on my face today when the same thing went down. This time throw in two angry mothers who were literally throwing their kids in the pool. The one kid climbed back out and the mom kept throwing him in. When he finally realized he wasn't getting out he clung onto the instructor for the whole class.

Swimming lessons are great, but I certainly didn't spend all day at work and rush my butt off to get there to watch some crazy ass mommas throw their kids in the pool and then have the instructor carry the kid around the whole time while my kid walked laps around the pool.

I know the staff thought I was the crazy one when I marched into the office and demanded we be put in a new class. It is still kind of bugging me now, hours later, because why should I have to change my schedule? When I explained to them the craziness that was going on at the pool they looked at me like I was an ogre with 5 heads or something. Not quite the reaction I wanted, I wanted a little sympathy, an apology, heck I just want to see my kid learn something rather than go to the pool and watch the craziness unfold each week.

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