Newsflash! He DOES like mustard!!

Grocery shopping night is always fun. We stop at Wendy's and get a burger and get some groceries. Okay so I'm being a little sarcastic, grocery shopping night kind of stinks.

Tonight I made the huge mistake of forgetting to order "no mustard" on his burger. Of course he opens it up right away and starts throwing his 4-year-old-end-of-the-world- I-can't-believe-you-put-mustard-on-my-burger fit. Honestly, I did feel a little bad, but it was a mistake!! So what did I do? I let him whine it out, sometimes your gonna get a little mustard on your bun...suck it up.

Well he was a pretty hungry little guy so he decided to stick his finger in it and taste it. His eyes lit up..."I do like mustard!!" he tells me. He so reminds me of his father!

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