Crazy T-Ball Mom...

I never thought it would happen to me. My motto was always "he's there to have fun!". Now that his "fun" is cutting into my busy schedule I am starting to see things a little differently. Don't get me wrong, it's good to have fun and play around with some kids, but throwing your glove in the air, diving off the bench, hanging from trees and running away from the game isn't that cool. He's still in the learning stage and I want him to have fun but there has to be a line somewhere? I realize the other kids are acting like apes in the zoo and I try so hard to redirect him from the "copy-cat" behaviour, but there were a few instances tonight of him being the instigating child. After a few of "the looks" from mom he was fine and listened to the coach but I really wonder sometimes if he actually wants to be there! Maybe it's just me finding it hard to "let go". I was supposed to be the coach and although I am glad I was left out of the deal, I just can't wrap my mind around someone who is not even out of high school controlling all these's just not happening. Is anybody else a crazy sports mama? I feel like I'm over stepping my boundaries a bit by helping out with my child's behavior but I also feel that he has to be told so he doesn't lose interest in the game.

Here is a clip of Mason at takes a minute for it to actually get into the hit. The best part is after he hits the ball....

PS...maybe I'm just stupid...but I still don't know how a game of t-ball is played after watching the whole entire game!?

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