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Mason had a sleep-over at his grandma's last night so to avoid another tragic Saturday night of being home alone I decided to go see a movie. I was feeling a little chic so I decided to go to the big mammoth movie theater. You know, the ones where you can get the bucket of popcorn (that I could probably use as my mop pail -bonus!) and the ginormous drink that could fill your bladder 5 times over (depending on your age?) and to add a little extra fatness you can also throw in a bag of M&M peanuts all for the bargain deal of $12.07 (why the .07..I do not know).

I took Sam (my brother) with me because I've tried going to see a funny movie on my own before and it was kind of looserish. Don't get me wrong, many people can go to the movies alone - just don't go to a Will Ferrell movie alone...I was laughing so hard and I was the only one laughing...what a dork.

I've been dying to see Baby Mama for a while now so that was the movie of choice. It didn't get great reviews but who really trusts those movie reviews anyway? Here's my was funny and you know how they usually show all the funny parts in the movie in the previews...this movie had so much more! At one point I noticed that only my brother and I were laughing though...that might have been some indication that others didn't like it...who cares! I did.

Although one thing did strike me as weird in this movie. This may be a little spoilerish......

Why didn't Tina Fey's character ask her sister (Maura Tierney - awesome actress!)to be her surrogate?? I guess then the movie wouldn't have been so funny, but that is all I could wrap my mind around. That or why did she choose the crazy lady to be her surrogate? Certainly she could have picked some better candidates if their characters didn't match?

So that is my mini review...I loved it. As a bonus it also had Steve Martin in it!! (Father of the Bride). I haven't seen him in a movie in a long time (maybe since Father of the Bride?? haha). If your on the fence about it...go see this movie...or at least rent it when it comes out!

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