Now that he's asleep...

I have a snail dilemma but I think I figured it out on my own. I really need to know if this is a good idea and how long I can keep it on for...

Mason is obsessed with snails. The kid would let them sleep in his bed and slime all over him if he could. After having a snail fiasco this weekend where he a) forgot to close the lid on his snail catcher and b) snuck the same into the house where the snails all escaped and climbed all over his walls...I have to say I'm a little grossed out by his latest obsession.

I talked him into taking all the snails back to the garden....or so I thought. Reading e-mails, I look over my shoulder and what do I see sitting on the step? A stray snail. I ordered him to take it outside right away, but after tears and arguing he got his way again and now the snail is looking at me from inside the Diego bug catcher...he looks so sad and pathetic.

I hate keeping little animals trapped in an environment that is so not suitable. I did look up how to keep a snail as a pet but found it to be a bit of a strange thing so I have decided this.

Every time I can sneak the snail away I will take him out and trade him for a newer snail, that way the snails don't have to suffer. The most they will spend in captivity is approximately 24 hours. Not so bad for a snail I would think? Not like they can travel that far in 24 hours anyway!! ;)

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