The fire drill...

It's swimming lesson day (oh joy..) and for some reason today Mason just wouldn't listen. I got tired of him swimming away and not listening so I was the crazy mom who opened the door and yelled at her kid to get listening or else he's out of the pool....someone had to do it, right?

Just then the fire alarm went off. All the swimming instructors looked around like they just got hit with the stupid stick saying over and over again how this never happens. I always think that If I were to be in a fire I would be the dumb one who goes back to get all her things. It would be wait I forgot my camera, all my pictures, wait I forgot my iPod, wait the cat is in there, don't forget the lizards and the fish, my bear, that pair of underwear that I really really like... yeah that would probably be me.

I thought about scooping up my kid and making my way to the closest exit but then I remembered that my cellphone and my iPod were in my coat pocket in the locker room. I would have to take him outside, find someone to leave him with and go back for my precious phone and iPod.

Who am I kidding?? If I had even sensed a bit of smoke in that building I would be doing a George Costanza. I would want to say that I would help old people and stuff but to be honest I think I would be like this....

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