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There have been numerous attempts to have a blog dedicated only to Mason. I think the one that has been consistent would be the one on his site. I have been wanting to keep a blog for him for a very long time now (4 years) but it always seemed like it wasn't good enough. I have decided that it doesn't matter. I am going to write down EVERYTHING about him because everything is so precious and I want to remember this stuff forever. Who knows, maybe he will even continue this when he is old enough. I also hope this will help keep our family updated. Working full-time and taking care of this little guy doesn't leave me much time to connect with family so my wish is for everyone to come here and read up on him when they want a "Mason fix".

Without further ado, I will introduce you to Mason "hedgehog".... Mason (or hedgehog as he likes to refer to himself as - his symbol at daycare) is 4 years old. He is probably the most interesting 4 year old I know because to me he acts like a little old man. Everything has to be just right around him or he has a little fit. I don't know why that reminds me of a little old man actually, but if you know him in person you will know what I'm talking about. He also has got to be, hands-down, the most STUBBORN kid I have ever met. I am not even kidding. He makes me wonder about my parenting skills all the time because he almost always wins the battles. I don't know how he does it but he could fight for what he wants all day. Me on the other hand, I give up a little too easily because I don't like conflict.

Mason is also a very emotional little boy. He struggles a lot with the death of his daddy and still does not understand that he is not coming back. He still thinks there is a doctor out there that can make things better. I can see why he would think that because from his understanding doctor's fix things. I just wish I could make him see this is not going to happen without the grief everytime he asks. He is also very protective and will constantly ask me if I'm okay whenever he is away from me and I talk to him on the phone. Some of his favourite things are cars, puzzles, disney movies, trains, wonder pets and going to the park. He just recently got into the whole puzzle thing and he amazes me with his puzzle skills! So that is my little star. He amazes me everyday and I hope to share all his amazingness with all of you!

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