Beware of the Shrek toothpaste!

One of the funniest things to come out of Mason's mouth had to be the time he tried Shrek toothpaste. It was on sale for .79 at the grocery store (now I probably know why!). I picked some up for Mason thinking he would just love it. What kid doesn't love ogres on their toothpaste tube right? On top of having a character on it, it also was bubble fruit can you go wrong with bubble fruit??

That night he tried Shrek's bubble fruit before bed. He quickly spit it out and did that tongue scraping thing to ensure all the toothpaste reminants were off his tongue. It was almost as if he had tried a really hot toothpaste...chilli flavour! I just couldn't wrap my mind around it...bubble fruit...that's good right?

I decided to ask him a bit later what that toothpaste tastes like. Of course I couldn't just try it myself, I was afraid of this toothpaste after seeing his reaction. He looked me right in the eye, got all serious (which you know means business for a hyper 4-year-old) and quickly replied
"It tastes like shit."

I really wasn't expecting that answer! Normally if he doesn't like something he says it's bad. Then I did what any parent definitely should not do when their kid slips out a swear word...I burst out laughing. For some reason, he stayed completely serious. He really was not taking this toothpaste experience too lightly. Perhaps it does taste like shit?

I decided to leave the toothpaste on the counter. I am not ready to give up on this. I mean how can something flavoured "bubble fruit" taste like shit? It's really not possible. Somehow this has really traumatized Mason though. He constantly warns anybody who steps within a 3 foot radius of the offensive toothpaste that it tastes like shit. He comes to my work for lunch and announces to the whole office that Shrek toothpaste tastes like shit and everytime he goes to do his business in the washroom he comes out to announce that Shrek's toothpaste tastes like shit. He's not letting this go. I guess it's time to get rid of the toothpaste...any takers?

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